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A day of greatness... plus one blunder...

So in preparations for Jere's up coming business trips we decided to get me a netbook. I originally decided to go through Lenovo for my purchase but when I had my decision they were still having all their netbooks come with a XP or 7 option, with 7 costing more of course.

Well when I went to make my purchase they were no longer providing the XP option so instead of paying $299 I was going to have to pay $330 plus tax. So I figure fine it still fits in our budget, no problem... wrong-o! When I purchased it they said their system was overloaded and to try again later. After a couple tries at this I said, "Screw it I'm taking my business elsewhere!" So I find a HP model with the exact same specs at Walmart.com with 7 and it was Survey Says, "$298". So I purchase it was successful and it came to my door today as well as a birthday card and check from my grandma, yay!

When Jere got home, even more great news, he doesn't have to travel for two more weeks! Today was turning out to be awesome. We went up town to grab some kibble for dinner and on the way over I decided to deposit my birthday check. When I got the receipt however (there's always a however, lol) I was somehow $200+ dollars in the hole. Sure enough when I checked my bank account online the order that was so overwhelmed it couldn't go through and that I never got a conformation page or email about had gone through for Lenovo. So I had to call them up and put a cancellation on my order. Unfortunately, the billing department was closed for the day so I'll have to call about my refund tomorrow. Thank the heavens that Jere was able to spot me the money to transfer into my checking so that I wouldn't get slapped with over draft fees and have my b-day money go to waste! It'll probably take a few days to fix the whole thing but its all safe and sound for now.

Once it is all fixed I plan to get my practice hoop so I can get started on that(with my b-day moneys)! :) And reimburse Jere of course :D

An all over good but hectic day!


Holidays 2009~ Got to see just about everyone that I had hoped to see. Including some I didn't expect! The drive up was unusually easy seeing that we didn't realize we were on the Grapevine until we were coming down it. We got some board games from family and I got a pair of purple Iso-toner slippers from Santa, which I have to pose this question, did anyone know that Iso-toner still existed??? I thought they were just into gloves but nope I was wrong! It was so great to see everyone and to those I didn't see I hope to see you soon! :)

2010~ I have some expectations for the new year but I hope that I don't get so wrapped up in them that I can't see passed them. My goal this year is simply to be better to myself physically and mentally. I've been taking vitamins, eating better, and trying to be less negative about myself, it sounds like a cake walk on paper but it's not as easy as it sounds.

Jere is now on a project that will have him traveling most of the year for work. They will be three month stints at each location with a few day single trip back once a month (to handle bills and such) but I will be handling that for the most part. I don't like the idea of him away from him so much but he's been craving a promotion opportunity really bad and these chances to impress the higher ups doesn't come along everyday. On the brighter side for me it gives me more freedom to be out of the house and possibly do the part time job thing or at the very least give me time to research the colleges around the area to finish out my degree once I gain my state citizenship.

I haven't really expressed this much to people yet but I think this year I'd really like to join the cast of Rocky Horror this year. Probably not forever but it's always been a bit of a dream to be Magenta in a production at least once in my life. I also need to make time to practice belly dance more. I'm by no means ridged but I'm losing my flexibility and I can feel it daily. I'm also thinking about getting into Hooping; any remember hula hooping when they were a kid, well I remember trying and failing at it every time but after seeing clips of people doing hoop dance online and realizing the size and weight of a hoop matters I want to succeed as an adult where I couldn't as a child... I can do it!!! Here's on of my most inspiring links... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZqwSVZvfbg

I also hope to make a few trips back to Cali this year. I don't know if I'll be able to do them all but we'll see where fate, time and money places me when the time comes. May for Rei and Britt-monsters college graduation. In July Belle and Alex's wedding (which is actually a requirement for me in my eyes so it takes highest priority) and Comicon. And in September Shenison wants to fly me up to be his model for his licensing test for cosmetology.

Then... well I'm not to sure how the holidays will pan out this year I'm thinking I'll wait till that time arrives to make decisions on that front. I also have a lot of home improvement projects I want and need to tackle this year. We did the first together and got a washer so no more laundry mat for me, yay!!! Next is putting up curtains and black out blinds to cut back on energy costs this summer, oh and replace the air filters for the unit (can't forget that).

Well I'm gonna end here since it's really late but I'm gonna try to write more often! Chao!


A close one...

My Grandpa has been in the hospital for the past five days and he'll be there for another four days. The good news is today they found out what was wrong. It turned out to be Cirrhosis of the Liver from repeated antibiotic use due to a bacterial issue in his legs. He went in with major blood loss. Normal red blood cell count is supposed to be in between 11 and 14, his was 2.8 and the lab couldn't even recognize is as blood (they thought the ER was playing a joke on them)...

He's getting closer to stable. Today his count was 8.6. He's got a few choices ahead of himself that I'm sure he and my Grandmother can handle. They're both very strong people. So, sorry if I've been a bit distant lately but I finally feel like I'm not holding my breath anymore.

Jeremiah and I have both been down with colds since early Monday. He's much worse than me but its still hard taking care of him and taking care of myself at the same time. It was like murder to get some decent Sudafed today now that the stuff is OTC. Wal-Mart was cleaned out so I had to go to Walgreens... not fun when your head is all stuffed up and you're dizzy.

Hopefully by Friday I'll feel good enough to go to Rocky Horror. It seems to be the only thing I really do outside the house for night time fun anymore. Mostly because it's once every couple of weeks, it's cheap and we are on a shoe string budget till Christmas is over.

Since January is a five paycheck month we'll hopefully get a washer. They're getting to know me a little to well over at the local laundry mat if you ask me. (Random fact I know)

Being sick does have some advantages. I've finally gotten to watch most of the animes I haven't gotten around to watching since they've been downloaded and I've gotten really into this game from WiiWare called World of Goo... kinda gross when you consider we both have colds now that I think about it. LOL

New Entry

I haven't posted in awhile... I've been caught up in all the stuff around me lately. On the one hand I'm getting a lot done but it's mostly busy work that's not very intellectually stimulating so I've also been really bored.

I've been crazy home sick lately but I'm sure that's because the approaching holidays... Jeremiah will be leaving on business Monday for the week so I guess that means I'll be alone for Thanksgiving however with economic times being as they are we sure could use the travel time cash. They're saying right now that they'll want him there through Tuesday next week but there now is a full possibility that they'll keep him there through till Christmas. Which means I'd travel up to Cali by myself... not to thrilling of a thought but oh well. I don't like the idea but I'll manage.

He'll be going to Beale which means I'll just pick him for Holiday stuff while we're both there.

I don't know how to wrap this up... it's getting late...zzzzzzzzzzzz

I'm back!!!

I finally has internet again... I'm getting to work on a lot of things right now. Lots of stuff from storage to unpack. Stuff to write and send off Rei for projects! Stuff to sew and make some moolah! Plus prepping for a house warming party and Halloween! I can't wait!!!

When we moved in we had a broken toilet but that got fixed today. But the plumber installed a low flow toilet... it sucks but at least it works.

So many things to do!

On the move!

Tomorrow we move into the new house, I'm so excited!!!

I will be without internet access for awhile but I hope to be back online within a week or so. If you need to get a hold of me and you have my number please text and/or call me. TTFN, Thanks!

an eventful past four days

We got the keys to our home on Friday. We are so excited! We need to put in a fridge and spray for insects before we can move in though. We have until October 13th to be out of the apartment so we have plenty of time.

Saturday we did D&D with some of Jeremiah's friends from work. Then ate at this pretty cool place called Kabuki.

Sunday I felt like I had something stuck in my teeth all day. We hung out with Pam (a friend from Jeremiah's work) and went to this awesome asian market called Lee Lee's. Had lunch at Rubio's and I showed her how to check the fluids on her newly acquired Nissan. After Pam left I flossed my teeth only to find out that the thing stuck in my teeth was a piece of tooth!

Monday I found a dentist and now both Jeremiah and myself know the hurt in the pocket book without insurence!

Today I was still a bit sore... and work is being rough on Jere. But things are good... otherwise

... 7 years.... shine on...me...

So, I'm sitting here watching my cat chase it's own tail... I thought only dogs did that. Lol

So many things have changed since high school. I certainly never thought that I would be Phoenix, Arizona via a man that I grew up two towns away from my whole life and had to meet at Chico State to wind up falling in love with him in the matter of a day. I wonder how I was ever the uptight prude who went to church every Sunday and had intentions of marrying my Youth Pastor. It's plain laughable to me now...

It's strange how the reality of life hits all of us. The reality of who we are. That once upon a time I was slam dunked by death several times immediatly after high school, suffered severe depression, debt, drugs and alcoholism, and quite a bit of sexual exploration to only wind up as I am now, "hot, sassy and with a boyfriend"(and a stable one at that). {thnx for the reminder V.L.}

From church choirs and pep band practice to belly dancing along side drag queens, drinking cocktails in class and watching anime till my eyes are sore. And now... preping for the simple life... I hope to keep it poppin' though!!!

I can't help but be curious though tonight... if she were still with us, would she be proud of me? Or would she have eventually shunned me like everyone else that didn't meet her criteria of what decent people are? None of it is important, really... but like the say about curiousity and what not. Well if that were true I should've died many times over and boom, boom I'm still here. It's not do to a lack of trying though... jk!

Her absence is just as much a part of reality as any other facts I've previously mentioned. But I guess somewhere between the crazy-mature-goth-hippy-lover-best friend-woman I now am there will always be an insecure little girl in the mix somewhere... man reality BITES!

But regardless I must shine on like the crazy diamond I am. For there is no better revenge against reality than a life well lived no matter what the circumstances are.
I just got wind that Tim Burton has joined up with Disney to do his own rendition of Alice in Wonderland! And as if for me that's fantastic in and of itself, but.... there is a major but.... not only that its coming out in 3D as well as IMAX 3D!!!

Finally I live in an area that is home to an IMAX Theater and just in time. The movie comes out March 5, 2010! If you are a fan of any of the things related to this movie you better not be late for this important date! Oh! And also Johnny Depp is the MAD HATTER!!! (insert fan-girl-squee!!!!!)

I'm also excited for a much sooner appearing flick from Tim called "9". It comes out when else but 9-9-09!!!
(squeek) ^_^

My Comicon Video!

Here it is as promised... please comment, its my 1st vid using Windows Movie Maker.